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Acrylics, Inks + Paint Pens 

Guided Instruction 

Layers and Mark-making


Portrait Study

Composition Techniques

5+ Hours of Content

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PDFs included

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Guided Instruction

I'll be with you every step of the way

I want you to SAVOR painting your Bella Flora and enjoy the process and the journey - it's what it's really all about! I'll take you step-by-step and layer by layer, so this class is perfect for any level. Lots of instructional videos, class notes, traceable PDFs and reference photos for inspiration.

Gorgeous Layers and Mark-Making

This is how we build up our painting

My favorite way to paint is by layering with all types of mark-making + gorgeous colors. We will start with words, layer on acrylic inks, do some color blocking with acrylic paints and play with stencils, create our goddess and flowers, and finally, use paint pens for all the beautiful details.


One of my favorite art tools!

A perfect way to add interesting marks to your painting! I'll be working with some handmade and natural stencils plus a few of my favorites from StencilGirl Products. I love this way of mark-making. It's a great way to add another layer of excitement to your piece.

Portrait Study

Drawing faces, let alone painting faces, can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be.

I know that my style is more whimsical than precise so that gives me some leeway to have a face and body that is not "perfect" - just the way I like it. There is a PDF pattern for her face and body if you want to use it, plus a little lesson on portraits and face proportions as well.

Art Supplies

Playing with all my favorites!

Acrylic paints, acrylic inks or fluid paint (included is a video on how-to-make your own), stencils - all kinds, and paint pens. As well as some supplies like oil pastels, brushes and tracing paper. And, always stay true to the colors that you love. All my lessons can easily be done in a color palette of your choosing. I will be painting on a 16x20" canvas. Art Supply list and links in classroom