"Bird of Humanity"

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A Welcome + Introductory Video

Guided Instruction

I'll be with you every step of the way

There are videos for each layer, tips, and a written overview. I have even included PDFs of the wings, heart, and lettering if you would like to use them as a guide. I show you every step of the painting along the way in this art lesson. All levels are welcome.

Layers and Layers

This is how we build up our painting

My favorite way to paint is by layering. We are adding in all types of mark-making and colors along the way. We will start with words, add on acrylic inks, do some color blocking with acrylic paints, play with stencils and finally, use paint pens for all the fine details.

Art Supplies

This class is full of my favorites

You will need acrylic paints, acrylic inks or fluid paint (included is a video on how-to-make your own), a couple of stencils, and paint pens. As well as some supplies like oil pastels, brushes and tracing paper. And, always stay true to the colors that you love. All my lessons can easily be done in a color palette of your choosing. I will be painting on an 8x24" canvas, but I encourage you to choose any horizontal size that works for you! Check out the Art Supplies Video overview at bottom of the page!

Creativity is our Superpower

And I'll be your biggest cheerleader!

I am honored to hear from my students when they tell me how creativity has made such a positive impact on their life. I hope you have fun and enjoy my teaching style; I don't take anything too seriously as I believe these art classes should be all about play and exploration. I love to show my mistakes and how I go about fixing them, sharing all the tips and tricks along the way. I am so thrilled that you will be on this Bird of Humanity journey - and I look forward to seeing your beautiful art.

Art Supplies Video Overview

Colors I am using + substitutions!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to your Bird of Humanity Class!

  • 2

    Art Supply List

  • 3

    Bird of Humanity Story

    • Here's the Story...

  • 4

    Layer 1: Words from the Bird of Humanity

    • Writing + Sketching on our Canvas

    • Notes from Layer 1

    • PDF - outline of my sketch of Wings and Heart Shape

  • 5

    Layer 2: Inky Flow

    • Paint Flow with Acrylic Inks

    • Notes from Layer 2

  • 6

    Layer 3: Color Blocking

    • Blocking in with Color

    • Notes from Layer 3

  • 7

    Layer 4: Color Blocking 2

    • Color Blocking Continues

    • Notes from Layer 4

  • 8

    Layer 5: Adding Value to the Background

    • Building our Background up

    • Notes from Layer 5

  • 9

    Layer 6: More Colors + Stencils

    • More Color and Stencil Work

    • Notes from Layer 6

  • 10

    Layer 7: Value and Details to the Foreground - Heart and Wings

    • Building our Foreground up

  • 11

    Layer 7: Continue with our Heart + Wings

    • Adding details to our Heart and Wings

    • Notes from Layer 7

  • 12

    Layer 8: Practice Lettering

    • Lettering Practice

    • Notes from Layer 8

    • PDF of my Lettering

  • 13

    Layer 9: Final Lettering

    • Final Lettering

    • Notes from Layer 9

  • 14

    Layer 10: Finishing + Paint Pen Details

    • Paint Pen Details

    • Notes from Layer 10

  • 15

    What's Next?

    • Yes! Let's stay connected!