Color Bloom Journal Class

Art journaling is all about having time to create a story or idea with all sorts of art supplies - featuring some of my favorite stencils from StencilGirl®

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    • Welcome to this sweet art journaling class, Color Bloom!

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    Color Bloom Art Supplies

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    Color Bloom Art Journal Lesson

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Grab all your favorite Art Supplies

Anything goes when playing in your art journal

My favorite way to create is by layering paint and collage with all types of mark-making + gorgeous colors. We will paint with acrylic inks, do some color blocking with acrylic paints and play with stencils by StencilGirl®. Then create our beautiful floral design on top! There are links to everything I use in the class, along with a video on making your own fluid paint.

Layer by Layer

It’s all about fun, playing with mixed media tools while layering in gorgeous colors, mark-making, and collage.

Flowers and bright colors are usually my "go-to," which makes me so happy when I look back through my journals. I like to work in layers on canvases when I paint and work that way in my art journals too. A lot of magic happens in the layers! This class is a perfect way to have some well-deserved creative self-care. Give yourself a couple of hours to just let go, play and create some beautiful art.

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