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Create your own Wings of Love

I am so happy you are here, ready to take my “Wings of Love” class. I hope you have fun playing with mark-making and layers as we create gorgeous wings wrapped around a heart in this mixed media piece.

Heart Love

This Winged Heart piece is symbolic for a few reasons, to me it’s expressing my freedom to love, wings to soar with whatever or whomever I love as well as allowing my heart to always be open. One of my favorite quotes from the poet Rumi is “Only from the heart can you touch the sky”. Isn’t that amazing? So simple and perfect.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Wings of Love!

  • 2

    Art Supplies

  • 3

    Lesson 1: The Backgrounds

    • Creating the backgrounds

  • 4

    Lesson 2: Heart-making

    • Mark-making and Heart-making

    • Heart Shape PDF

  • 5

    Lesson 3: Words of Love

    • Writing Words of Love

    • John O'Donohue Poem

    • ee Cummings

  • 6

    Lesson 4: The Wings

    • Let's Make Some Wings

    • Wings Outline PDF

    • Left Feathers Outline PDF

    • Right Feathers Outline PDF

  • 7

    Lesson 5: More Background

    • Shading the Background

  • 8

    Lesson 6: Gluing down on the Panel

    • Adhering the Panel

  • 9

    Lesson 7: Finishing

    • Trimming and Finishing

  • 10

    What's Next?

    • Thank you + More!

Ready to make some art?

Spend an afternoon creating your beautiful Wings of Love. Perfect to give away or keep for yourself!